Arts & crafts

Arts & Crafts

Arts and Crafts programs are a wonderful addition to a cruise line's overall entertainment program. We can provide individual experts who will bring their own supplies or we can devise and implement a program tailored to your specific needs and budget. Please contact us for our current client roster and more information.

Bible Lessons


Away from the hurly-burly of everyday living, a cruise can often be an ideal environment in which to reflect and center one's thoughts. With this thought in mind, many guests welcome the option of being able to attend a service of worship while onboard, especially when led by qualified clergy. As an added bonus, some of our clergy are also great lecturers who can offer secular lectures on all manner of topics. Please contact us for our current client roster and more information.

Male Speaker


We can supply you with every category of lecturer, including TV and Film Personalities, Academics, Authors, Athletes, Composers, Explorers,  Mountaineers, Journalists, Politicians ... the list is almost endless! So, whether your lecture program is destination-oriented, general interest or a combination of both, you can be assured that Cruise Artistes International's lecturers will educate, stimulate and entertain you. Please contact us for our current client roster and more information.