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Megan Francis


Megan Francis has spent her life working in the arts sector as an entertainer, director, vocal coach, musician and teacher. She started her career at sea in 2015 with the intention of spending a year travelling the world, but she fell in love with the maritime industry and has never left. She has worked in various positions within the entertainment department both on and off the stage and has experience with both larger ships and smaller luxury lines.


Her love for music, theater and people has translated well into a cruising career that has allowed her to perform, host events and interact with guests onboard. 


When at home in her native South Africa, Megan works in theatre productions and various projects assisting young artists who do not have the resources to pursue their art. She also enjoys catching-up with her students and playing with fellow musicians.


Megan has recently been appointed onboard performing Entertainment Manager for Windstar Cruises.

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